Semily and its surroundings

Points of interests

Rieger’s Path – a 5-km-long nature trail, which leads from Semily to Podspálov, has many interesting places. To the best known belongs nearly an 80-m-long foot bridge over the river. Furthermore there is the Böhm’s viewpoint, from which opens a beautiful outlook on the Raven Rock on the opposite bank. And at the end of this trail, at the confluence of the rivers Jizera and Kamenice, there is a recently opened hydroelectric power station.

Museum and the Jizera Region Gallery  – Husova 2 – offer, besides seasonal exhibitions, two permanent expositions „Semily Personalities“ and „(Un)forgotten past“. This Baroque building dates back to the year 1760 and belongs to the one of the oldest in Semily. It is significant also because of the fact that the writer and journalist Ivan Olbracht was born here in 1882 and spent his childhood here.

Technical Museum Loukov – Loukov u Semil – is located at the so-called pojizerská road leading from Semily to Jilemnice. There are currently about 3, 000 exhibits, to the year of
manufacture 1945. A visitor can find here 40 stationary engines, 40 motorcycles, motorcars, a two-wheeled vehicle, a submarine and other technical treasures. Lovers of history return here to the times when steam leaves the world and the petrol rush begins.

The Golf Course – is situated on the beautiful „peninsula“ encompassing the Jizera River. This natural 9-hole golf course has existed since 1970. Even though it is relatively short it is very demanding on the accuracy of strokes. Many top Czech golfers have grown up on it.

Kino Jitřenka – gained its modern appearance from a total reconstruction in October of the year 2010. Today’s cinema has 117 seats and is equipped with state of the art sound and imaging technology. The cinema also has 3D projection as part of its program. On the ground floor of the building, you’ll find a café, on the first and second floors the City Library is situated.